Financial future looking bright

A husband and wife struggling to pay their debts feared they would eventually have to sell their home.

The Ryhaven Trust has ensured that they not only keep their house, but also reroofed and redecorated it.

When the trust first spoke to the couple, they were weighed down by massive debt. The cumulative effect of high interest rates and service charges to multiple finance companies had seen their loans double over a ten-year period.

Their monthly repayments were so high that in some instances, they were unable to pay them. The finance companies were only too happy to add further debt onto their account. The situation became untenable when the couple felt it was impossible to service the bills.

Lack of funds resulted in a lack of home maintenance. The exterior of the house had not been painted for 30 years and the roof was badly rusted.

Our trust’s budget advisor worked with the three finance companies to arrange a manageable solution for the couple, and once the house was secure, the Ryhaven team, along with its homeowners could get to work and refurbish the house.

It was a big effort to repair long term damage to the windows and stucco walls. Dulux kindly supplied all the paint used for this project.

The owners got busy doing some of the painting work themselves. Thank you to Geeves Scaffolding for providing resources.

The rusted roof was replaced with a new one, due to the generous support of Metalcraft Roofing. SWP Commercial also assisted with the installation of new internal gutters. Carters supplied materials for the framing.

The project has taken six months to complete and like all Ryhaven jobs, has been a real team effort.

Now the house is watertight, the owners are continuing with interior work. They are grateful for the trust’s support and looking ahead to a brighter future.