Dulux Adds some Shine to Taita Home

Friday 19 October was anything but a day in the office for Dulux CEO Jevan and an enthusiastic team of sixteen Dulux staff volunteers.

Together they rolled up their sleeves and rolled out the topcoats to exterior walls and windows, and several of the ceilings inside Trevor and Jane’s Taita home. Naturally Dulux provided the product.

The project gave attention to a home which had previously suffered from major damage over several years stemming from a rusty leaky roof, and the water damage this led to inside. The roof has since been replaced, windows fixed, repairs carried out and all made ready for the final attention of the illustrious team of Dulux painters.

The project was coordinated by Ryhaven Trust, a charity focused on repairing and improving homes for low income families who otherwise would not be able to tackle these long-overdue kinds of projects. In recent months Ryhaven Trust has been working on homes across the greater Wellington region. Families in need of a hand-up partner to assist practically where they can alongside Ryhaven professionals, and then repay the Trust in affordable repayments.

Ryhaven Project Manager Bernard Nolan was impressed by this committed Dulux team demonstrating a desire to put something back into the community, proud of their product and working professionally- and with lots of good cheer.

“They did outstanding work, made a huge difference and were a pleasure to have on site”. Jane said “This house used to feel sad and lonely. Now it has a big smile on its face. I couldn’t be more proud. We’re very grateful to Ryhaven and Dulux”.